In the event that anyone might notice, this blog has moved to blog.hmvh.net.

Thanks, Blogger, you've been good to me. But it's time to move on.

Please update your links, feeds, and bookmarks accordingly.


Sex and penmanship...

It's not often that something as ordinary as a few select writing utensils and a simple caption can speak volumes about human sexual preferences and perversions. LOLCats have been doing this for... what?

Oh? Urhm, nevermind. Forget the last part.

This was received some months ago and almost got relegated to the happy dumping grounds were it not so clever and funny as to deserve its very own entry on the blog.

The penis mightier than the sword...


Generation Download

In case my absent readers are wondering why this page looks a little different, then, well... uhmm! Exceeded my 1GB (free) traffic quota on the outdated humour site a few days ago, so the header logo won't re-appear until the new month.

At least now I know again where it's kept.

And I need to move this blog elsewhere. SRSLY!




From text to images

Right: Emails are dealt with.

Next project: Last year's photos. humanclock.com already has a few of them...

Now go check out the site; it's brilliant.


Welcome to the blogosphere!

There... 'tis done!

The HMVH Corporation BBS Online is now a blog, as threatened and promised. Whereas the previous main page was nothing more than a menu pointing to another list of text- and increasingly graphic jokes and humour, with the odd smitten of personal anecdotes thrown in for good measure, this new! improved! layout is still little more than a blog pointing to lists of text- and increasingly graphic jokes and humour, with more personal anecdotes thrown in for good measure, all this in a nice and pretty blogger.com format with a slightly modified template pilfered from a site I cannot care to remember.

"So what's the point," I hear you ask.
Nothing much. No point. Just a new format.

What it will, however, allow me to do is gather my thoughts, streamline my ideas, and organise my projects. As with all earth-shattering concepts, this remains a work in progress and the layout will, for the time being, remain as is, with changes and minor tinkering taking place as the mood or boredom strikes, or when some cool new widget and feature out there tickles my fancy. And, as with life in the biological and physical domain, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Certain is that someday we'll get our own domain and server space. Certain is that it'll include a blog of some sorts. Certain is that it'll include and feature content that can be seen here. Certain is also that it'll include links and pages of mine that are spread all over free-hosting land - past, present and certainly future. How exactly it'll all be tied together remains uncertain.
Uncertain is also when this is all going to take place.

Watch this space for details.